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2019 Summer Pediatric Therapies Programs

2019 Summer Programs Pediatric Therapies 1The 2019 Summer Pediatric Therapy Program is ready for distribution. The program features group and individual therapy activities for people with differing developmental abilities, ages 3 through 25. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 513-423-9496 for more information. You may access the program of activities at: 2019_Summer_Programs_Pediatric_Therapies.pdf.


2019 Summer Programs Pediatric Therapies

Thank you U.S. Bank employees for your kindness and generosity during the 2018 holiday season

Abilities First Vice President of Marketing and Development Debbie Barber Alberico presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Vice President, U.S. Bank, Rick Lux, on behalf of the local US Bank employees, for supporting the gift initiative for a client family of Abilities First. According to Abilities First Family Advocate / Social Worker and gift initiative organizer Norm Cosby, the family of five was "blown away" by the kindness and generosity of the bank employees.

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Abilities First President Robin Usalis during the recent holiday season

Abilities First President Robin Usalis took a turn ringing bells with fellow representatives of the Middletown Rotary at a local store during the recent holiday season.

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The folks at Abilities First Independence Center experienced some excitement today!

The folks at Abilities First Independence Center experienced some excitement today as the neighboring building at 1001 Grove Street was removed. Hope House Mission is constructing a new multi-million dollar facility to serve as a men's facility. According to Hope House Board President Carla Messer, safety is their priority. "Relationships with local law enforcement ensures that police will be driving by the facility regularly to keep would-be dealers away from the property, she said.” Empty buildings breed illicit activities and replacing the deteriorating building with a new facility designed to transform lives should add stability to the neighborhood," she added. Thanks to Abilities First for allowing the transfer of property ownership to the Hope House Mission.

Hope House Grove Street

Thank you Valley Central Bank

On behalf of our families, residents, clients, students, staff and Board of Trustees, thanks for your continuing support, Valley Central Bank.

Valley Central Bank

Abilities First Development Department offers a number of ways you can support local children and adults with disabilities.

Please contact Development Department at 513-423-9496 if you have any questions.
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From birth through life, Abilities First of Middletown and Franklin, Ohio provides a broad array of individual and group programs for children and adults with disabilities.  

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Potential is Made Possible through our coordinated services - Autism Learning Center, Free Therapy Screenings, Pediatric Therapies, and Integrated Early Childhood Learning.

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