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Services for Children

Potential is made possible through our coordinated services - Autism Learning Center, therapy screenings, pediatric therapies, and Early Childhood Learning Center.

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Autism Center

Prepares preschool, kindergarten and first grade students with autism opportunities to achieve their highest potential while preparing to successfully move into the next grade level. 

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Adult Day Program

Enhances the lives of people with disabilities by incorporating the daily living activities such as learning to cook, improving reading skills, or interacting with the community.

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Employment Services

We provide specialty development and coaching to help eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between job seekers with a disability and employers.

Communities prosper when everyone works to their full potential

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People with disabilities should have the opportunity to achieve their unique potential and have an extraordinary quality of life.

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We work to empower people with disabilities to achieve that unique potential from birth through life.

Founded in 1958, Abilities First is a non-profit organization, located in Middletown, Ohio that serves children and adults with a wide range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, language and cognitive impairments. 

With a continuum of programming from birth through all phases of life, Abilities First is Middletown’s only direct service agency for individuals with disabilities that provides such a diverse range of services. These services include:

Transforming the lives of children and adults with disabilities impacts our families, our communities and our businesses in

Butler, Warren, Hamilton, Montgomery, Preble, Greene and Clark counties in Ohio.

We believe that inside of every child and adult with disabilities is the ability to grow. 

Early Childhood Learning

Abilities First, Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) is a unique childcare center.

autistic children daycareIt is known for its commitment to providing an inclusive environment where children with special needs and children who are developing typically, learn alongside one another and develop caring relationships with teachers, staff and their peers. 

Our curriculum provides teachers with a clear way to apply child development and learning theories to their everyday work with their students. With the Creative Curriculum, we are able to meet the needs of children with a broad range of abilities. Children with different learning styles and needs are able to function together in a well organized environment.

We focus on:  Physical health, emotional development, social development, motor development, language and communication development, and cognitive development. 

Adult Day Program

Abilities First Adult Day Program offers activities that are appropriate to the abilities and tastes of the people we serve.

Middletown facility’s open floor plan creates a safe environment that invites the people we serve to wander at will without restriction. Feel confident that you’re doing what’s best as our staff is trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), crisis prevention, and first aid. 

Activities are individualized based on the needs and desires of the person being served.

Activities such as: painting, dancing, Ipad and computer games, movies, games and puzzles, cooking, exercising, bingo, and group reading are offered. Outings like bowling, lunch out, library visits, shopping, ice cream outing, and canoeing are also offered.

Schedule your tour of Abilities First Adult Day Program:
Bring your son or daughter to have a relaxing and empowering experience! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a tour. 


Abilities First Development Department offers a number of ways you can support local children and adults with disabilities.

Please contact Development Department at 513-423-9496 if you have any questions.
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